Which interior designer is best for your business?

Interior design is becoming a growing industry.

With its focus on the design of the living room, the kitchen, and bedrooms, it’s now increasingly popular in the US and UK, as well as emerging countries such as India, Brazil, and Russia.

The term interior design is now used in almost every job description.

So which interior designer should you be looking for?

Here are our top 10 interior designers, ranked by their own attributes.1.

Jamey Rodale, design professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who also teaches at Stanford University and the School of Design2.

Robert A. Wilson, the design director at the New York Times, and former editor of Harper’s Magazine3.

Chris Sperling, a well-known American architect who is now a partner at the architects Herzog & de Meuron, and a consultant to the Department of Energy4.

Peter N. Beekman, who has designed many homes and apartments in New York, Los Angelenos, and London5.

David A. Rubenstein, a professor of urban design at Stanford and a senior lecturer in architecture at Yale University6.

Michael Larkins, a prominent landscape architect and former director of the New England Museum of Natural History7.

David C. Hall, a senior partner at Kohn Pedersen Associates and a professor at Yale Architecture School8.

James A. Nee, the former president of the American Institute of Architects and the former director for architecture at the National Academy of Arts and Sciences9.

Robert J. Stahl, an architect and the founder of the architecture firm Wachovia Partners, who was previously the chief designer of the Lincoln Memorial10.

Andrew Leggett, a master of architecture at Cornell University and a lecturer at the School for Architecture and Urban Design11.

Mark C. Johnson, a principal at the design firm Leggetts Architecture Associates, who previously designed the New Orleans skyline and is now an urban planner at the City of New Orleans12.

James K. O’Sullivan, an assistant professor at Stanford, a partner of the Architecture Foundation of New York and the principal of the Center for Urban Design at the Center City School of Public Affairs13.

Christopher P. Smith, who designed the Grand Canyon and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum14.

Robert H. Lee, a former chief designer at the Smithsonian Institution and an architect of the National Zoo15.

James P. Miller, a co-founder of the design studio Zaha Hadid Architects, whose studio designs more than 10 million homes16.

Richard B. Pogue, a veteran of the World War II design and architecture program at the Parsons School of Art and a former senior vice president of design at ZahaHadid Architects17.

David B. Ries, a New York City architect and an associate professor of architecture and urban planning at the Brooklyn School of Engineering18.

Andrew L. Miller and Richard C. Brown, whose firms design and build residences and apartment buildings19.

John P. Williams, a design professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford School of Architecture, who is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Architects’ League of America20.

James B. White, a vice president at the Urban Land Institute and a member.

of the Design Academy21.

Michael F. Kuznetsov, a longtime architect and professor at MIT and an adjunct professor at Harvard University, who specializes in urban design.22.

Charles P. Leighton, a leading landscape architect, a consultant, and the director of a program for urban planning and urban policy at the American Academy of Architectural Arts, and also the chairman of the Institute for the Study of Urbanism.23.

Brian F. C. Cavanagh, a nationally recognized architect who also runs a design firm, Pritzker Architecture, and who has been the architect of more than 30 million homes in the United States and Canada.24.

Paul Bresson, a member and president of Stem and a principal of St. Paul Architects25.

William H. McElroy, a founding member and founder of Stencil & Mould and an emeritus professor of industrial design at Harvard, and he has been a partner in the firm since 1983.26.

John H. Stenhouse, a national landscape architect.

a member, president, and partner of AECOM Architects and a director of design for the National Park Service.27.

Peter S. Loeser, a pioneer in the development of high-density urban housing in the mid-1990s and a partner and founding partner of Steelyard Homes, a leader in the design and construction of highrise housing in New Orleans.28.

Daniel J. Turek, a director and chief design officer of Pritzkers architecture, and founder and chairman of P&G Architecture.29.

John A. Hennigan, a fellow of the Society of Land

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