New study finds that grey interior decor looks better on grey cars

New research suggests that grey exterior design may actually be more attractive than white interior design.

The study, conducted by the US Department of Transportation, found that the grey interior and exterior of grey vehicles was more attractive to buyers.

“The overall results of this study suggest that grey is a more attractive color option to buyers than white, particularly for younger and less affluent buyers,” said David J. Wojcik, a transportation researcher at Michigan State University.

“While white may be a more visually appealing color option for many people, grey and grey may be more appealing for some consumers.”

The study involved 10,000 shoppers in 20 states and the District of Columbia who were asked to complete a survey about their purchasing decisions and preferences.

They were also given an image of a grey interior or white interior.

The results were reported online in the journal Transportation Research Part D. The researchers found that buyers of white interior decor liked the overall aesthetic of the vehicle and found it more attractive, although buyers of grey interior looked better in the images.

Woznyk said the study was an interesting one because it did not include any information about the grey exterior of the vehicles.

“This study did not specifically look at grey interior exterior design, but rather found that grey looks better to buyers,” he said.

The car companies say that grey color schemes are less expensive and more durable than white.

They also say that the colour scheme is more appropriate for older, more affluent buyers.

Waznyk’s team compared the results from white interior and grey interior designs.

The grey interior appeared to be more durable and more appealing, and grey looks a little more like white in the photos.

“It seems like the grey looks like it is more durable, it looks more like the white in terms of durability,” Wozniak said.

However, he said that grey may not be as attractive to young buyers.

He said that older consumers may be looking for more affordable, contemporary designs, but may not appreciate the design of a car like a grey car.

“I think that the older consumer is a little less excited about the design, and that’s why I think that they may be choosing grey,” he added.

“There’s a lot of people who have a lot more disposable income and a lot less disposable income than younger people.”

However, the researchers said that the study did show that grey and white may look more attractive together.

“When you compare grey and blue, you’re going to find a lot different patterns,” Wojski said.

“And I think the reason why is that grey doesn’t look quite as great as it does to younger people because grey is more expensive, but it’s more durable.”

However Woznicky said that consumers may not necessarily have the same aesthetic preferences as older buyers.

The new study is the latest to suggest that a more modern design may appeal to younger buyers.

In March, a study from the National Association of Manufacturers found that millennials were more likely to buy more modern cars than older consumers.

The group also found that older buyers are more likely than younger buyers to prefer grey interior as a color scheme.

A study from this month also found grey interior on the market was more expensive than white exterior.

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