Inside the inside of the interior of a ’80s interior designer’s studio

It’s a classic 1980s house that was built by a single woman, and it’s on the market for $1.5 million.

It’s the “Michelin Star” interior designer, Laura Mott, who lives in a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home in San Francisco’s Mission District.

She is selling it for $2.1 million, and she has just released a video about the home, in which she talks about her life as a designer, how she met her husband, and how she was inspired to start a home design studio.

Her husband, Eric Mott is an interior designer and his work is also on the home’s listing.

In her home, Mott’s wife has a three bedroom, two bath house that she bought with her husband’s permission.

She says she bought the home because she had wanted to create something that would be an extension of herself, and wanted to be able to bring the best out of her home.

The home’s interior design is inspired by a 1970s kitchen from the 1970s, but it also has an old-fashioned look, with modern appliances and fixtures.

The home was built in the 1960s, when the city was in its heyday, and was the only home in the city that was originally designed to be used by a family.

It was built to resemble the old-style kitchen that was in the family home.

The kitchen was used to prepare meals for the family, and the two bathrooms were to serve as living spaces.

In the home were the old fashioned stove and electric stove, as well as the new, modern oven.

There was a dining table, a refrigerator, and a large storage closet.

There were also windows in the kitchen, and there was also a large patio.

It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a garage, and lots of storage.

The house has a lot of character.

It’s the first home that I bought that I wanted to live in, I wanted a backyard, I was looking for something new, and I wanted something that was kind of a modern, modern-looking home, and this house was that.

I don’t think anyone who bought it knew what they were getting into when they bought it, but when I went in, it had a lot going for it.

It was a very modern design, and that’s what made it appealing to me.

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