Asian interior designer portlands to open new location

Philadelphias latest high-end designer and interior designer Asami Yang and her team are about to open a new office in a new, high-rise in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The office will be a new space for her interior design studio, Yang and Co., and will be the first new location for the studio in nearly a decade.

The studio, which is owned by Yang and co-founder Mark Kim, is currently located in a former building at 3rd and Broadway and has been in the same location since 2015.

The space is designed to be more open and spacious than previous locations, according to a statement from the Yang Group.

The space will feature a more open design, with more natural light and a large living area.

Yang’s studio is one of the top designers in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Yang is a co-owner of the design studio with her husband, Chris.

Yang has been a consultant for luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Yang said in a statement the space will provide an intimate space for the team and will also provide space for a community to gather and interact.

Yang said she plans to bring in a variety of designers and designers-in-residence to help with the project, and hopes to have the space open in September.

Yang will be making her first public appearance on Wednesday at a panel on the future of architecture in Los Angeles.

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Asami Yan, a Taiwanese designer, was one of two finalists for the design prize for the second annual Design Design Award in 2015.

Yang won the prestigious design prize.

The winning design for the first year in a row won the Design Design Prize for the 21st year in succession, according the Los Angeles Times.

The winners of the Design Awards are the best in the country in each category, including: The best in new urban design, the best urban design in the Pacific Northwest, the top urban design project of the year, and the best design of the past five years.

Yang was selected in the Design category for her studio, and won the design competition.

She said she hopes to be a part of a new generation of design professionals.

She is working with a number of local designers to create spaces that are more open.

Yang has also collaborated with local designers and is also working with some of the best architects in the world.

Yang will be working on the design of a building in the new building and plans to do work on the exterior and interior of the building.

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