I’m a Neo-Tuscany architect: I created the interior design for my favourite Italian town

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “you can’t make an interior designer out of a stone”, but if you ask me, I’d argue that that is far from the case.

I’m not a neo-Tuscan, or even a Tuscany, but the interior of the city of Milan is one of the most influential design elements in the modern art world.

It’s a place where a lot of architects are born and raised, where there’s a wealth of information and experience available, and where an incredible number of people come to work and live every day.

It all started when I was still in high school, but I was drawn to the idea of creating an interior that would be a reflection of my life, my passions and my life experiences.

I knew I wanted a home that would reflect that.

I was a very introverted person, so I didn’t like to be around people too much, so it was really difficult to find someone who was interested in me.

So I was in a state of limbo, with nowhere to go and nowhere to stay, until I stumbled across the website of a friend who had just moved to Milan.

She was living in the suburbs, and she had a small studio in a house she had inherited from her parents, which she had been given by her grandmother.

She had also bought a home in the city, so she knew that this was going to be a nice place to work.

So, she contacted me and said that she wanted to do something for me.

She asked me what I wanted her to do, and I said that I wanted to create a home for her and my two children.

She thought that was interesting, so we talked and we agreed that I would make the first design documents.

I had always been interested in architecture, so when I heard about the design of the home, I was instantly drawn to it.

The building was very simple, and the concept was simple, so everything had to be simple.

I felt that it was very modern and very contemporary, but also very modern with a classical touch.

So that’s when the idea started.

I just started sketching, and then I did the first drawings, and when I finished, I had the first concept for the project.

So I thought that if I were to make something that was something that people would want to live in, I would have to do the project in a very minimal way, so that people wouldn’t notice the details.

Then, in my second design document, I asked myself, what would the house look like, and how would it fit into the city?

I thought, what if the house was a little more intimate?

And I said, it needs to have an extra room that would fit in the house, a space that would give me a chance to show off my design ideas.

I asked the architects to give me some ideas, and they gave me some more ideas, so after that, I did more sketches, and after that the whole project was done in a couple of weeks.

So what did you do in your second design?

Well, the first thing was that I went to my local home-builder, who gave me a project.

I wanted something that would have a lot more space and a lot less work, so there’s less work to do.

So, I went back to the home-builders office, and asked for some ideas of what would fit into a smaller space.

They gave me ideas, but they couldn’t come up with anything that I liked.

So the house I wanted had to have some space in it, but not so much that it made the whole place look small, so my idea was to put the back of the house down and have a little room at the back.

The back would have the front door, and on the side of the back would be an extra bathroom.

So there would be no unnecessary room for the children, and there would also be enough room for them to sit in the kitchen, or in the living room.

It was a lot easier to create the house than it was to make the whole building.

And what was the most important thing to you?

I love the fact that you’re asking me that question.

I love the idea that I’m asking you this question, and that you want to be able to answer it, and it’s a really important question for me, because I don’t like being asked those questions.

So it’s the first time I’m going to answer this question myself.

I feel like I’m in the middle of a conversation.

The most important question is how does this project relate to you, and you want this project to relate to your life.

The first question I asked was, I want to build this home for my children, for my wife, for the two kids.

The second question was, what

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