What you need to know about the interior design competition

Scad Interior Design’s competition for the 2019 U.S. Interior Design Award, which recognizes best interior design projects in America, is a pretty good sign for the future of American design.

While the winner will be announced next week, there are already a lot of clues out there about what designers can expect in 2019.

Scad’s winning project will be unveiled on Jan. 4, 2019.

The competition features a variety of design elements that include furniture, furniture accessories, appliances, a dining room, and even a lounge area.

This is a major change from previous years, when designers were tasked with creating the best living spaces in the United States.

In 2019, designers are expected to bring innovative solutions that will help consumers, employees and businesses enjoy a greater sense of home, family, and community.

We’ve rounded up some of the major themes from Scad that you should know about this year.

We know there will be some very innovative designs in the 2019 Scad interior contest.

The most intriguing of these are the interiors of restaurants and hotels.

This category has been largely dominated by design elements of architecture and interior design.

Scada will also be showing off the design of some new design elements in the next Scad entry.

In 2018, Scad created an expansive design space in the heart of the city, where the Scad designers had a chance to show off their innovative design ideas.

Here, they also used materials that reflect the city’s design sensibilities, including steel and ceramic.

The design for the Scada entry for the 2020 U.A.D. award was a new concept called the “Shared Spaces,” which is meant to create a communal space that includes seating and shared amenities.

The designers took inspiration from the space at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which was inspired by its shared living space.

Scads design also reflects the concept of a “living-room,” where guests can connect with friends and family.

The interior of the building will also include a full kitchen and a full living area.

Scadic will also have some pretty stunning views of the Chicago skyline.

The Scad Design Award was founded in 1968, and since then, it has given more than a dozen awards to designers who have brought to life some of our favorite landscapes.

Some of the most noteworthy winners this year include Johnnie Walker, who designed the exterior of the Chrysler Building in Detroit; Paul Smith, who created the design for “The Big Bang Theory”; and Dan Shatz, who built the interior of a New York City hotel.

More from The Washington Post: Scad will be showing its new “living room” concept in Chicago Scad has been showing off its concept for a shared living area in Chicago.

It features a full bar, a lounge, and a communal kitchen that are all connected by a glass roof.

Scadiaboard is the name of the concept in Scad, a project that is part of a larger project called “Sharing Spaces.”

The concept is a multi-level design space, a new style for hotels and apartments.

The concept, which will be called Scadiabolous, is an idea that is inspired by the concept rooms in Paris and Los Angeles, which are designed in a space that is a living room.

The first floor of the Scadiabinous building is designed for a communal living area, while the second floor is designed as a shared kitchen.

Guests will be able to connect to their friends and other guests via a public stairway and a private elevator.

The space also features a large rooftop deck, as well as a full outdoor terrace.

Scadian’s concept includes an integrated kitchen, a fully functional shared dining room with a bar, and more.

Scadishill is a large, open-air concept space, which has been a theme for Scad since its inception.

The architects created this unique space with a mix of public and private spaces that are connected to each other.

Scaviaill will be showcasing the new Scad concept on Dec. 19, 2019, when Scad announces the winner.

The building, which is located at the corner of South State Street and South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, has already been designated as one of the “100 most important buildings in America.”

Scad is also hosting a series of events for its designers.

The next Scada Design Award will be held Jan. 2-4, 2019 at Scad Chicago.

You can see the rest of Scad designs and images from this year’s contest in our gallery below.

More Scad projects: Scadiabilous concept in the Chicago area Scad design in Chicago with the “sharing space” concept Scad Architecture and ScadDesign Award winners Scad Architects Design for Scada, a collaborative effort between Scad and ScadaArchitectural Design Scad Architectural Design is a collaborative project between Scada Architects and ScadianArchitecture ScadArchitectures design for Scadiablus Sc

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