‘The Island’ will feature steampunk design

STEAMPUNK: The Island, the second episode of BBC Two’s sci-fi adventure series, will be a new take on the Steampunk aesthetic.

The episode will feature a steampunk look to it which will see the fictional island inhabited by steampunk robots and the inhabitants of the islands own steampunk house.

The show will be set in an alternate version of Victorian England, but with a new twist.

The series will be made by the same team behind the award-winning BBC’s The Island.

The team will work with a group of young designers to create a brand new Steampunk look for the series.

“The Island is a futuristic setting and it’s the ideal setting for us to experiment with Steampunk,” executive producer Stephen Jones told RTE News.

“In a time when technology and steampunk are moving towards each other, it’s really exciting to see the development of this new style and look for Steampunk.”

The new look will be used throughout the show, with the theme of ‘The Islands Own Steampunk House’ featuring on the cover of the episode.

“It will be the first episode in a series to use Steampunk as the central theme,” said showrunner Chris Bredehane.

“We’re excited to see what the audience thinks about this and how we can make it a really strong theme throughout the season.”

It’s the latest addition to the world of Steampunk and the show will also introduce new characters into the mix.

The island will feature an alien-like race called the Kree, who have been on the island for thousands of years.

“You’ll see them on the exterior, the walls, the doors and even in the air,” Jones said.

“But inside, they are very different.

They’re very much the same as the human population.

They wear the same clothes and they have the same language.

They talk the same way.”

The Kree have a strange relationship with the inhabitants, and Jones has revealed some of the ways in which the aliens will react to the humans.

“They are the only species that has ever survived the ravages of the Krakatoa, the giant ice age, which was really quite scary for them,” Jones told The Irish Times.

“There’s this idea that the Krees were the only survivors of this kind of world and they don’t want to die.”

The series is also set to tackle the issue of artificial intelligence.”AI is very, very scary and we want to make sure that we keep that in the forefront of the show,” Jones added.

“This is something we’ve been working on for quite a long time, and we think that it’s a very interesting subject for us.”

I’m really proud of the team we have.

They’ve worked really hard to come up with this new concept.

We think it’s an incredibly important topic to explore in our future shows.

“It is a new look for one of the most recognisable faces in Steampunk.”

I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long while and it has always been a really important part of my work.”

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