How to dress your home like a museum

Interior designer philadelphia’s inspiration for her modern design inspiration is “The Mona Lisa.”

In addition to a few inspirations for her latest design project, she had a lot of fun with her inspiration for a piece called “The Nanny” (a reference to the famous painting by Jean-Paul Sartre).

Here are five of the coolest interior design tips she shared with us. 1.

Dress it to be a museum.

“The painting was originally created as a portrait of a young woman who was studying art at a university,” she says.

“When I was looking at it, it reminded me of my own life, but with a different perspective.

It reminded me, ‘Wow, this is a real painting, with all the people around me.'”

That painting was taken from a collection of works by Renzo Piano, a famous Italian artist whose work is featured in The Mona.

“I had never been to Rome, and I was just thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to go,'” she says, adding that her inspiration was “a painting of a girl, sitting in a cafe, talking to her friend, sitting at a table, with the table empty.”


Dress the furniture with colors.

“It’s a very specific look that we wanted to go for,” she explains.

“We wanted the pieces to reflect what we were looking for in the room, and we wanted it to look like a painting.”

In her first design, the furniture was inspired by her home in Baltimore, Maryland.

“So we were using all sorts of different colors, and the colors really accentuate the space,” she adds.


Choose furniture that is not the usual white, black, or brown.

“What we’re trying to do is create a palette that is a little bit different than the typical white, white, and brown,” she recalls.

“There’s no one right color for everyone.

It’s just going to be the palette that you’re going for.”


Make your room look bigger.

“Everything is supposed to be bigger than the average person,” she remembers.

“If you have a smaller space and a smaller room, you have less space.

And so we wanted our furniture to be as large as possible.”


Have an extra set of mirrors and wall hanging accessories.

“You want to use mirrors that are not as expensive as the ones that are in the regular wall.

That’s really the way to go.

A mirror is going to make your space look more like an art gallery,” she offers.

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