Aussie interior designer, Aussie architect, and ‘old-fashioned’ interior design still influencing modern homes

The classic and old styles of Australia are still alive and well in a number of homes and architectural styles, and are influenced by both contemporary design and traditional design.

But one of the country’s most celebrated and influential interior designers, Aileen O’Connell, has gone a step further.

Her book The Modern Art of Australia, published in January, takes an in-depth look at the design, building, and architectural elements of contemporary Australian design.

O’Brien says her work reflects a “trend of a more traditional and more Australian style,” but she’s also seen the modern style of building in Australia, and its influence on the way people think about homes.

“In a lot of ways it’s the most distinctive thing about the way we build houses,” O’Briens tells ABC News.

“It’s a lot more organic, it’s a little bit more natural, and it’s more like an organic landscape.”

The modern style has its roots in the 19th century, but it has also been influenced by the Victorian style and by modernism and modernism in architecture.

The book describes how O’Connor’s work evolved over the decades, from the Victorian Revival and its use of the term ‘modern’ to a more modern, modern, and contemporary style.

“A lot of my work in the Victorian era is very much in the spirit of the Victorian design of the time, of the period,” Ollie O’Reilly, who has written about the Australian architecture of the 1940s, told ABC News in 2012.

The Victorian Revival of the 1920s is known as the Victorian Modern Revival, and is one of Australia’s most iconic buildings, Ollies said.

The style is often associated with the Victorian period, with its use the use of materials and methods of construction that would be considered today as being very Victorian.

“It is very clear that the Victorians were very interested in materials and the building techniques of the day, so they really focused on the materials that they could use, so you could see that in the early Victorian buildings that we have today,” Oleyes said.

Modern architecture is a term used in Australia to describe buildings that are modern in style and function.

This is what Ollys’ work is trying to highlight.

“This is the Victorian aesthetic, and the Victorian-era architectural styles are really much like what you would call today the contemporary architecture,” Olessey said.

“But also, the Victorian and Victorian-style architecture were really, really interested in things like the use and construction of materials, so a lot is going on there.”

Modern architecture also incorporates elements of the early twentieth century, and influenced by modern design.

It includes a new, more sophisticated form of structural engineering known as structural engineering, and a desire to create more sustainable, more modern buildings.

In a sense, the Victorias are living examples of the modernist and modernist movement in Australia that Ollieds says is an important influence on contemporary architecture.

“Modern architecture in Australia has its origins in the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the railroads, and I think in Australia it’s really taken its place,” OLLIYS said.

“And a lot people, like I would say a lot in Australia today, are kind of taking inspiration from the industrial revolution, and they’re also trying to incorporate modern techniques in their architectural design.”

O’Brien said she was inspired by the Victoriana of Australia when she was growing up.

“I think the Victorian was an inspiration for me as a child because I saw a lot about the Victorian, the country, and that’s what I wanted to emulate, and then also what I thought was cool about it, which is the kind of things that the Victorian architectural style was about, but also the kind that was modern in its approach to building,” OBrien said.

O’Reilly said that in many ways, O’Malley was inspired to make a living designing and building a home, rather than designing and living.

“She’s really interested not only in the way that she’s building but the way she’s living it, and she wants to build beautiful homes, and beautiful, beautiful houses and beautiful homes,” Orellys said.

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