‘We don’t want to do anything that would upset people’: A team of architects and designers is making their case for a more ‘urban’ city

The designers of a new design studio in New Delhi say that their design process is a way to engage with the city as a whole and offer new forms of urban design.

The concept was inspired by a discussion between architect Jyoti Shrestha and her husband, V.A. Shresthava, who had lived in the city for years.

They said that they wanted to create an urban design that would inspire people to live more sustainably, to be healthier and to create a sense of community.

They called their project A.I.N.O.

A, “urban, intelligent, urban”.

For their first exhibit, the designers showed off a series of “design moments”, in which they used elements of nature to create the impression of being in a more urban setting.

For instance, they used the cityscape of Pune as a backdrop to create images of the city that were more “urban”.

And in their second exhibit, they turned the urban fabric into a kind of sculpture.

The final piece is a series called “a living space”.

In a conversation with NDTV, Shresthanas wife, Vashisht Shresthuva, explained that they started designing this project after her husband had retired from a career in the insurance industry.

They wanted to do something different from the typical insurance company that was focused on the big projects and was also too bureaucratic, he said.

“We wanted to build something that would bring people together,” he said, adding that they chose the word ‘community’ because they wanted it to be inclusive.

“We wanted people to see that this is not just an insurance company, this is a living space for people who are suffering.”

The first exhibit they designed was called “Living City”.

It featured a cityscape that was made up of many different elements.

The interior design team included architects P.D. Ghatak and Shresthi and artists Prashant Ghosh, Rajesh Khandi, Pranesh Chaturvedi, Kunal Kapoor, Vrinda Khanna, and Pratibha Bhattacharya.

In their second exhibition, they took the concept further, using the city to show off its architecture and the environment in a different way.

They designed a series entitled “Living Space”.

The building was made of the concrete that had been poured over the city in order to create new forms.

The idea was to encourage people to feel like they were in a city, and they created a series that featured the city and its landscape as if it was a living room.

“The idea was that people were not just there to have a glass of water, or a piece of furniture, they were here to be seen, to feel their presence,” said Shresthari, adding they had the ambition to show that people are connected to nature.

“It is not a matter of ‘is this the place to be?’ but ‘can I connect with nature in a place where I am not sure about how to get to?'”

Living Space” is one of several “living spaces” that the couple have designed.

The other two are “A.I.”



A: The City and “A Living Room” are both being exhibited at the National Design Museum of India in New Dehradun, in New York.

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