AUSTRALIAN designers make the most of a rainy day

AUSTRIA has made some serious changes to its interior design philosophy this year.

The country has taken a page from Paris, and is taking the idea of “rainy day” into its own hands.

While there are plenty of other examples of countries embracing rain as an integral part of their design process and making changes to the way it is done, it’s Australia’s approach that’s really making waves.

In fact, the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) says the country is currently in the midst of the most significant overhaul of its interior to date.

AIP’s chief executive, Rob McDevitt, says it’s an effort to reduce the time it takes for designs to be completed and create a more sustainable experience.

“We’re seeing a dramatic shift in the way we design and we’re also seeing a shift in how we think about our buildings,” he told

McDevitt says Australia is “doing something with our design, with our building, that we haven’t been doing for a very long time.”

“This has to do with a lot of the changes that have happened in the past decade,” he said.

So why is Australia doing this?

“Well, for one, we have the greatest number of architects in the world, but that’s because we’ve got the most designers, so that’s what makes us so successful,” he explained.

He says this has to be a “keystone” to Australia’s future success.

What we’re doing is, we’re designing a country that’s very diverse, with a really great workforce, that has an enormous cultural and artistic heritage and that has a very strong manufacturing base.

This is really about designing a new Australia that is very, very diverse and very creative, that’s not just one that’s a big company.

It’s a new economy, and it’s a brand that can be sold to the world.

As a result, the country has a lot to learn from other countries. “

It’s very much about the cognitive dissonance between the business case and the idea that you can have a national culture and a very vibrant national culture,” he continued.

As a result, the country has a lot to learn from other countries.

For example, he says, there’s a lot more Australian design to learn.

Instead of just using a “typical” architecture style, it would be much more effective to work with a range of materials, and incorporate things like handcrafted materials like clay.

These can be used for things like window decals or curtains.

However, he cautions against the idea we should just “let the buildings do the designing”.

“We need to really think about what is this building, this piece of architecture, and what is it about it that is making it so special?” he said, pointing out that design is a process and it needs to be conducted by experienced professionals.

If you’re a design student looking for inspiration, you should check out the AIA’s design course here.

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