What the 1920s meant for Victorian interior design

Victorian homes were designed in the early 20th century to look more modern than their predecessors.

The era saw many innovations in the way we lived, but many were designed for comfort, comfort and style.

There were the new style of the Victorian era, where we looked at the future with an optimistic eye.

These Victorian-style homes were built to be luxurious, with grand views, big windows and wide open spaces.

The 1920s were also the decade when Victorian architecture became increasingly commercialised.

Victorian architecture was designed for the needs of the commercial world, and was often made to look as modern as possible.

The buildings of this era are often found in the homes of wealthy Victorian aristocrats, who would often have servants and servants to look after them.

Here’s a list of some of the buildings that were built in the 1920’s that were inspired by the era.

Some of these Victorian buildings were constructed in the 1890s.

These were some of those buildings that stood out for their ornate designs, with large windows that opened to the outside world.

There was also a lot of interest in a particular type of Victorian house called a gable-style house.

In this house, you had the front and back of the house, and the front garden, and it was all designed to look like a Victorian mansion.

This Victorian gable house, built in 1898, is one of the more well-known examples of this type of house.

It’s been around for nearly 100 years, and is now considered to be one of Victoria’s best-known Victorian homes.

You might think of a Victorian home as having a wide front garden or a long staircase, but in reality, Victorian homes in the Victorian period were often built as two separate houses.

The first house was designed as a single, single-story structure, and had a garden on the outside and a small, open, enclosed living room on the inside.

The second house had an open, three-story house and a garden, which was also part of the design.

The living room was typically a room for the servant, who sat on the porch of the first house, but the kitchen and living room were for the householder.

You may also notice that the house has two rooms on the front, and a third on the back.

This is to make it look like the house is two separate homes.

These rooms were often reserved for servants, and could be opened to allow the house to be a more luxurious place.

There were also many Victorian homes that were designed as large houses.

They were designed with large ceilings, and would be a great place to sit or relax in if you had an extensive outdoor garden.

The second house in this list is a Victorian house designed by architect John Gwynne.

It has a lot in common with the first Victorian house in our list.

It was built in 1889, and has a large front porch that is a perfect size for a large garden.

This second house is also one of those that was designed by John Gynne.

The house was originally designed as one house, with a small front porch and living space on the first floor, but that front porch was turned into a small porch with a second floor for servants to sit on.

This porch has a long window that lets in a wonderful view of the garden.

You can see that there’s a lot going on here.

These houses are all very large and very ornate.

They were designed to be very elegant and elegant.

They have large windows, they have long sides, they’re very ornamental, and they look great in their own right.

The most famous of these houses in our article was designed in 1898 by John Geynne, a renowned architect and designer.

It is now one of Melbourne’s most famous residential buildings.

It sits on the corner of Adelaide and Main Streets, and at one point, was the largest residential building in Melbourne.

You could argue that this house was the inspiration for the home of Alice in Wonderland’s Alice in the Wonderland House.

It had a large main entrance with a large gable, and another one on the top floor, which led to a very tall garden.

The garden is large and pretty.

You’ll notice that this is one house that is actually on the same street as the Wonderland Houses.

You’ll also notice the garden door is closed and locked.

This was a common feature for Victorian homes at the time.

This house was also designed by the same architect, and he was one of Victorian architecture’s greatest architects.

John Gynna, architectJohn Gwynnen was born in 1897 in the United Kingdom, and moved to Melbourne in 1902.

He studied at the Royal College of Art, and later went on to study architecture at the University of Melbourne.

He also worked for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and at the same time, was employed by the Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

His most famous building was the

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