‘A gift for our culture’: The interior of the temple of the Virgin Mary

The interior and design of the Church of the Nativity in the Vatican have been celebrated at the Vatican since 1884.

But the temple itself was not commissioned by the pope and was designed by Italian architect, Paolo Gabriele.

The Nativity was the last in a series of major church projects designed by the Italian architect.

In 2005, Gabriel won the World Architect of the Year Award at the Venice Biennale, the biggest architectural competition in the world.

Gabriele, whose first design for the church was the building of the Sistine Chapel in Florence in 1797, said he was influenced by the Roman Catholic church.

“The idea was to design something with a traditional taste in architecture.

The cathedral in Venice, in particular, is an example of this,” he said.”

We wanted to be a little more modern and modern, a little bit more contemporary, with a modern feel,” Gabrieles said.

The church has more than 3,000 rooms, and it is often used for weddings and celebrations.

The interior design is very contemporary, but Gabrielez also wanted to give the temple a modern feeling, he said, and this influenced his work on the interior.

Gabriela Gabrielé with the Virgin, Mary, the Mother of God, and the three disciples who were present at the Nativities service, in which the Natives priests were dressed in traditional clothing.

(Photo: AP)Gabrieles first design called for the design of a small chapel in the main entrance.

The design was not a typical church, as Gabrielees was not planning for a cathedral or a temple.

He chose a small square room in the entrance, with windows, a balcony, a door and a doorbell, as well as a small door in the middle of the building.

The interior of this chapel was made of white and brown, Gabriella said, with the frescoes in the fresher rooms.

The room had a wall of marble, as the walls were to be used for the altar and the sanctuary.

“We decided that the wall is to serve as the ceiling of the chapel, and that is the most important thing,” he explained.

The design of Gabrieles second design was the construction of a two-story structure in the basilica, the main church of the church of Rome.

This structure, which is also known as the cathedral, had a lower floor, but the upper floor was for the congregation.

The chapel was to be made of glass and to have a bell.

Gabriel was also inspired by the building that the Vatican now houses, the Basilica delle Pietro, or the Church built by St. Paul.

“I think that it was really inspired by St Paul and the idea of a building built with the intention to create a community and to make a community together,” he told Al Jazeera.

Gabreyles third design was a smaller building, a small structure that was designed to be smaller and less impressive than the larger building.

It was to have the same look as the larger church, but in the shape of a house.

“I wanted to have this little structure with a little space in it, a nice space for people to go and visit, a place to meet, just to be close to, and to get a little respite,” he continued.

Gabricles work on his third design, the entrance to the church.

(Image: Alamy)Gabriel’s design was to make the entrance of the basilicas church more open, to allow people to walk through.

The building was designed so that people could not see through it.

“When I was designing the church I wanted it to be more like a house, because it is not very spacious,” he recalled.

“It is very narrow, and I wanted to make it as small as possible.

The intention was to allow the people to come to the house in a different way than if they are walking through the church, and then they will walk around in the church and then come to a separate church.”

Gabrielez, who also designed the basilicica of the Holy Land, also designed an entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica, located in Rome, and another to St Paul’s Basilicas in Athens.

Gabrienle Gabriello’s design for St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

(Video: Alana Tischler)Gabriello Gabrielli is one of the architects behind the project at the Holy City, and he is one that has often been mentioned in the Catholic Church as one who influenced the Vatican.

Gabriole Gabrielli, who has been in the private sector since 1994, said that he started his career in the construction industry.

“When I came here, I was not very well known.

And I was very busy, but I was doing a lot of work in construction,” he added.”

My brother-in-law, Giovanni Gab

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