What you need to know about Pittsburgh’s new architecture


— There are new homes here, but the city is also adding another home to the mix: a high-end apartment building designed by a famed interior designer.

Pittsburgh has seen a renaissance of high-rises and new construction in recent years, and the city’s skyline is getting bigger and better with every passing year.

The city is home to some of the country’s best-known architects, including James A. Sullivan, the architect of the James A Sullivan Center for Architecture and the James D. and Catherine A. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Richard Meier, the acclaimed interior designer for the Richard Meier Homes, an apartment building that opened in May.

The new residential project, called the Henry D. & Catherine A..


Sullivan Homes, is on the corner of Third Street and West Ninth Avenue and is located near the James-Mayer Center for Children’s Arts, where the Sullivans and other local families have lived since the 1960s.

The building is located in a former auto garage in an area that has long been dominated by old houses, and has been home to dozens of families since the late 1970s.

The Sullivans, who own the property, wanted to honor their ancestors, who came to Pittsburgh from Europe in the late 1800s.

“It was a time when they lived and worked and traveled and worked on the waterfront, but they never had a house,” said Charles Sullivan, one of the designers who designed the building.

The Sullivans said the project’s design is a tribute to their ancestors who built the buildings in the early 1900s.

They also hope to bring the Sullivan family legacy to the area, as the Sullivan home sits on the same street where the home was built.

“I think it is an opportunity to create an environment that is unique and welcoming and authentic,” said James Sullivan, who said he was inspired by the Sullivan houses that inspired him to design his own.

The development is being built by John Lefevre Architects, a Pittsburgh-based architectural firm that has worked with some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent architecture and interior designers.

Lefivre, who is also an interior designer, has designed homes for clients including the National Basketball Association, the United Nations, the World Bank and the U.S. Army.

The firm has designed the homes of some of Pittsburghers who are now famous in their own right.

The architecture firm has worked on projects for the U-Haul Foundation, the National Symphony Orchestra and other organizations.

In 2015, it created a stunning building in an alley of the former World Trade Center site called the International Convention Center.

The Henry D & Catherine a.k.us.

Sullivan homes will be among several projects Lefavre has designed.

In the future, the firm is also working on the former J. Walter Thompson’s warehouse.

The company has also built a number of homes in the past.

In 2008, the Sullivan homes were designed by the famed architect Richard Meier and the Sullivan house at The Galleria was designed by Meier’s son.

The homes were among a series of projects Lefever designed that have been renovated, including a luxury condo complex at the former site of the World Trade center.

The complex, at the time called The Galleries, was demolished in the 1980s and rebuilt in the mid-2000s as the Galleria at South Park.

The designs for the Sullivan Homes project are expected to be completed in the spring of 2019, and construction is expected to start in 2019.

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