When you want to design a new home, do it right

DALLAS (AP) Home designers who know how to put a good coat of paint on a new piece of furniture are going to want to do it again, with the help of a new tool that’s expected to be on shelves this summer.

Interior design education is the newest way to get an idea of what a home is, said Laura Miller, the co-founder and president of the nonprofit Design Education Collaborative, which works with schools to create courses for students.

She says she was recently told that more than 1,500 schools have taken courses on interior design.

They include schools like the University of Colorado Denver, New York University, the University at Buffalo and Stanford University.

Miller and other educators say the program could give designers the knowledge they need to design homes in a way that will last, rather than just be thrown out.

A lot of what we are seeing is really designed, she said.

And we think that’s what designers want to be doing.

Miller says there are many ways that home design is practiced today, from home-improvement to interior design, but she said the program is one of the most useful for homes.

The design of a home requires a lot of work.

There’s a lot going on inside the home and it needs to be designed with the utmost attention to detail.

And then there’s the outside.

So that’s why the design of homes is so important, said Miller.

She said the new program helps designers understand the fundamentals of interior design while also teaching students about the principles of good design.

You can’t design a home if you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, said Elizabeth L. Bader, the founder of the design school, Art and Architecture Design Education.

And the first step is to learn the basics of home design, said L.

Bader, who is now a visiting professor at the University Center for Design.

You learn about the basic fundamentals, you learn about how to do a house, you build your home.

You don’t do it the way people are thinking about it, she explained.

And you can’t go around saying, “Oh, I want to redesign my home.”

That’s not good design practice.


Badaer says the program, which began in 2014 and has now become part of the school curriculum, has helped thousands of students graduate.

The school, which started as a nonprofit, has since expanded to include more than 50 students.

Some of the classes are online, but some of the courses are live.

A lot of students have really struggled with design.

There is a lot to learn, and you can get a lot wrong, said D.J. Pascucci, the program’s co-author and a professor at Florida International University.

I think the key thing is that the students are learning, they’re learning from each other, they have each other’s feedback.

So it’s really helpful for the whole design process, said Pascucco.

There’s a good learning curve for a lot, but you’re really getting to know what you’re doing, he added.

The program also teaches students about how homes are designed and what people think about them.

It teaches students how to use social media, such as Pinterest, to learn about their home and how to communicate with others.

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