How a 1950s interior designer influenced the design of the ’90s interior

The first interior designer to receive a major design award, Mary Shelley was a woman of tremendous talent.

But her most significant contribution to the design profession was her pioneering work with the design industry, which helped to shape the aesthetic and cultural sensibilities of the modern era.

Here are six of the most iconic interior designers in American history.


Mary Shelley (1864-1939) Mary Shelley, the 1864 Nobel Prize winner, was a master interior designer.

She used her own style of traditional Gothic design, in which “the most refined, most elaborate and most expensive details are added to the existing structure.”

Shelley’s style, like many modern designers, was to add details to the structure, creating a sense of weight and significance.

Her style also took advantage of the aesthetics of the Victorian period, which she saw as an age when everything seemed to have a form and purpose.

Mary was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize.


William A. Burroughs (1861-1962) Burrough was an American artist who used his visual talents to create iconic works of art.

He was also a brilliant storyteller who wrote books, short stories, and novels.

His influence was profound: He helped establish the literary and graphic genres that would dominate the twentieth century.

His most famous works include The Man in the Iron Mask, A Wrinkle in Time, The Sea-Monkey, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Charles M. Schulz (1874-1949) The first American interior designer was a man of considerable influence, whose designs were influential in the modern period.

Schulz was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1874, and raised in a wealthy family.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1886 and studied architecture, drawing in Europe.

Schuilz’s first major client was Louis Vuitton, where he worked for the firm until 1893.

Schuli’s first work for Louis Vuitchons was The Sorrowful Story of the Lady of the Lake.

In 1899, Schuli moved to New York, where the designer’s art became more famous.


Frank Lloyd Wright (1879-1956) Frank Lloyd and his partner, Joseph S. Wright, designed many of the homes and buildings of the 20th century, including The New World.

They also designed the Wright Brothers’ headquarters at Cincinnati’s City Hall, the world’s tallest building.

He helped launch the modern design movement and later led the American Institute of Architects.


Joseph Wright (1912-1943) Joseph Wright, the first American architect, was born into an aristocratic New England family in 1911.

In 1932, Wright opened the first major studio in America, his first of three in Manhattan.

Wright designed and constructed the first home for an American family in 1947.

His later work, the Wright-designed Burbank House, included the Wright Garden and the Wright Institute, which is a leading research center on the human condition.


John Leland (1910-1951) John Lland, who had been a director of the Los Angeles County Fire Department for nearly half his life, became an architectural critic.

He created a style known as the “architectural critic” that would evolve into a broad-based style of criticism that would influence architecture, design, and other disciplines.

Lland was an innovator, and his work is often called the “first wave” of modern architecture.

His design of a high-rise apartment complex at Burbank was a major inspiration for the design for the Burbank Tower.

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